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Cactus Rose


 Summer comfort and style.

Summer for me is all about soft but vibrant colours and prints. The style needs to be suited to hot summer days, so comfortable. But there also needs to be that really cool style to it.

I had so much fun designing this collection, it has some pieces in it that I have been perfecting for seasons!!

Let’s start with the Z-Doll Babydoll dress. I have wanted to design and make a dress for so long. It had to be something cool, cute, comfortable but different to whats out there.

The other piece that is hugely important to me in this collection is of course the Frankie Jumpsuit. This is another piece that I have been working on for seasons now. And it is exactly what I imagined it to be. I love making these, I love seeing Zahli in her jumpsuit. They are so cool but so easy to wear for all ages.

It’s no secret that businesses look months and months in advance for locations.

I stumbled across this stunning nursery over a year ago, I just knew that one day I would have a collection to suit this venue. And Cactus Rose almost looks like it was made especially for

The Borrowed Nursery.

It’s no secret what Teilah Skye Photography means to ZP. Her work shows off the essence of the ZP collection. And when you add Teilah into a nursery, she is in her element.

Teilah Skye Photography FB

Teilah Skye Photography IG

The models were perfection. It was pure joy watching them on shoot day having fun.

This collection is a proud moment for ZP the Label. The team has grown so much, the designs have grown so much. And it’s just as fun and exciting as ever!

Models in no particular order: Zahli, Eva, Tilly, Ruby, Shanique, Ally, Imogen, Sophia, Charlize.

And a special thank you to Indy, Georgia, Summer and Willow.




A textured collection of eclectic vintage feeling vibes.

Where everything matches, and un-matches in that amazing eclectic fashion way.

Where there are no rules. Layering is encouraged. Accessories only add to the awesomeness.

Where a bunch of cool kids got to hang out at a funky cafe in Burleigh called


And who else could capture the essence in this rad collection other than

Teilah Skye Photography

Zahli herself had a huge part in final decisions for this collection. Kids are all about textures, colours and prints. It is the healthiest of learning, to let them express their loves. Zahli loved the feel of fur, cord and organic fabrics.

Zahli also wanted to have bright colours, sequins and pretty florals.

So here it is. We hope you love wearing it as much as Zahli does.

Wandering Gypsies


‘May your heart be brave,

Your mind be fierce

and your spirit be free’


It all started with a new design bodysuit. A dedication to World Peace.

And from there this boho festival inspired collection came to life.

A collection that will take you from a festival glam down the lane to a boho doll, and everything in between. Just taking in the world one outfit at a time.

Let your inner peace shine on through.


This collection couldn’t happen without having Teilah to photograph every essence of the pieces.

Teilah took this collection to the next level.

Teilah Skye Photography

We got to hang out at the coolest property in Byron.

From a caravan called Moffie, to the most quaint peaceful studio and some wandering ducks.

It was the place that made the magic come to life in photos.

Thank you to each of my models. Tilly, Liv, Aurora, Betty, Winnie, Summer & Harlyn, you made our job so easy. And you made the end result amazing.

Thank you to Richelle and Bek for you hair expertise and help along the way.




Mystic Shadows


Designed and created by me for every little girl out there. Letting every single imagination and style come to life. A range of colours and styles that all work within each other.

Bold strong Colours. Sequins, Strips and tulle. Add in some Military flair and that is what Mystic Shadows is all about.

It is a collection that doesn’t follow the rules. There are mix matching styles joined together to work in unison. To show the world that Little girls can be       whatever they choose to be.

A butterfly by day and a rockstar by night.

Thank you to Kahla Maree Photography for helping me bring this look to life.

Each picture is perfect. It shows strength and passion.


And of course the models. The Little girls who came and let their imaginations shine for us.

From Left to Right

Winnie, Sienna, Allee, Zahli, Eva & Eva (Because one Eva is never enough)

The pleasure we had working with this bunch of girls. Watching them interact was in itself amazing.

Thank you everyone who has helped along the way.

Thank you Kahla, Richelle, Bek


“Where feathers fall, Angels tread & Gypsies roam”

              ~ ZP the label


Welcome to our first official collection.

This collection is everything ZP the label has ever been about. It is about making little girls dream big. Making them believe they can in fact be anything they wish to be.

ZP the label has always been about bringing little girls together with a unique collection of clothes that helps them to live out their fairytales and make their own dreams.

Through much thought, planning and dreaming I have created my collection to suit / fit every girl. I plan to release my limited edition in sections, so that every piece has it’s time to shine.

Each piece is never mass produced, but lovingly sketched, designed, cut and sewn together with love in the Zahli Petite headquarters.

When this collection was designed I knew instantly that it needed to be photographed by one person only. The one person who would show the softness and dreaminess of the clothing. While making the versatility stand out.

Rainee from Cloud Nine Photography did more for this collection than I could have ever imagined.

Zahli Doll and I flew to Sydney’s Central Coast for this amazing photoshoot. And we have the best memories forever from it. A huge thank you to Rainee for everything you did for this shoot.

Another thank you I have for this collection is to Alana for helping organise everything. And letting me run ideas off her at all times of the day and night. Thank you mostly for yours and Betty’s friendship.

Lastly I do need to thank my family, Jason, Colten, Axel & Zahli without them this wouldn’t exist.

Enjoy this collection and please remember to tag us in any pictures as it is the favourite part of this journey seeing those little angels and gypsies floating around.

Love, Light and Laughter

Skye Harrison

(ZP the label creator)


Meet my models, the perfect touch. From top left to bottom right Isla, Maycee, Amelia, Lyla, Bella, Betty and Zahli.